CLAAS oils and greases

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The selection of friction-reducing agents between surfaces or machine components is crucial. Our offer includes original Claas greases and oils. Selected products are designed for use in various agricultural equipment and systems. Their use translates into better performance and longer lifespan of the machines, which is why it's worth opting for high-quality products from a reputable brand.

The composition and properties of lubricants are also important. It is desirable for them to provide protection against corrosion, have thermal stability, and resistance to oxidation. Original Claas oils and greases are the best choice in this product category.

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In this category, you can find products intended for engines and transmissions. They are characterized by excellent performance, and we also offer the option to purchase original lubricants designed for different types of machinery and vehicles. Their carefully developed composition ensures the proper functioning of systems and brings other advantages. They come from a manufacturer known for producing products specifically for the agricultural industry. This guarantees the high quality of Claas oils and greases – we invite you to check the details of our assortment and place orders.